Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Welcome to the Stamping at Toyrifix blog! Here you will be able to find updates on new product arrivals, announcements about classes and special events, and pictures of recent projects and cards! Feel free to leave comments, and especially ask questions if you have any! You can also use the link in the sidebar to get to website for Toyrifix, and from there you can also email me directly.

If you have any suggestions for this blog, I'd love to hear those ideas, too! I want this to be a great way to keep my customers updated on what's happening here at the store! Thanks for stopping by!



Darlene said...

Hey Tammy,
I had to open a google account in order to leave a post . . . sorry it took so long. You are doing a great job establishing this blog. Especially for those of us who forgot their cameras at the workshop last week. I appreciate all of your hard work. Sorry about the "operator error". Darlene

Sherri said...

The blog looks great. It's going straight to my favorites. The sparkle markers look fun, and what a surprise to see the cards I designed! I feel honored.
Thanks, Sherri