Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Tree Candy Skewers

Do you need a last minute gift ideas for teachers, bus drivers, choir directors, etc? These Christmas Tree candy skewers are simple and quick to make! All the supplies you need are available here at Toyrifix (and at The Oak Cupboard, next door!)

Supplies needed:
1 ¾” circle punch,
1 ¼” circle punch
¾” circle punch
star punch
green double-sided paper
yellow cardstock
1/16” handheld circle punch (or paper piercing tool to poke a small hole)
large or 3-D glue dots
bamboo skewer (available at The Oak Cupboard)
candy (purchased at The Oak Cupboard)
cellophane bag (double-pretzel bag purchased at The Oak Cupboard)

1. Punch 3 circles of each size from the green paper. For the 2 larger circles, fold paper in half, then in half again. Then fold each side back against the opposite edge, so your paper is creased in wedges. For the smallest circle, simply fold in half twice.

2. Punch a tiny hole in the center of each and thread onto the skewer, starting with the smallest circles first from the pointed end and slide to the top. If your green paper has different patterns on each side, you may want to alternate the patterns. Continue threading circles on the skewer from the pointed end.

3. Apply glitter to your star in whatever way you choose, and adhere to the top of the skewer (the blunt end) using glue dots.

4. Slide candy onto the skewer, using extreme caution. Because the candy is “gummy” it doesn’t slide well, so be careful not to poke yourself with the point of the skewer. Leave some room at the top, under the tree to tie the cello bag shut. Continue adding candy until skewer is full.

5. Slide the skewer into the cello bag, and secure with ribbon. Add a tag, if desired. Adjust circles of tree for spacing, etc. and you’re done!

(The inspiration for this design came from A video tutorial for making this treat can also be viewed at that site!)

Happy stamping!

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