Friday, October 8, 2010

*NEW* Arrivals from Stamping Bella

We have a new shipment of stamps from Stamping Bella, including some new additions and more of everyone's favorites....

Bewitched A'Tude $7.29

The Mummy, the Witch and the Pirate $7.49

King of the Wild Things $7.49 (I couldn't find an image, so please check out this fabulous card from my friend Jodi Collins!)

"Mavis" is a new favorite of mine.... I hope you'll like her, too!

Mavis Wearing Holly $7.49

Mavis Has a Daisy $7.49

Swinging Mavis $7.49

Everyone's favorite, the Twinkle Fairy $6.59

Appleybowl Huggabugg $7.29

Avery Lollipop $7.29

Gracie Lollipop $7.49

Hannah Lollipop $7.29

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