Saturday, December 4, 2010

Not my mistake....

Please be advised, the email you received on Saturday regarding a stamp class from October was not sent by me! When you receive emails from "The Stampers' Toy Store" (just like this email that you're reading right now!) what you are receiving is a feed from the blog, and for some reason FeedBurner sent out the email that you received on Saturday about the JustRite stamp class. I did not send an email, nor do I have control over it so please don't email me to point out the mistake! LOL It wasn't me!

Here is something I posted to the blog back in July that explains how the feed works...

Also, I just want to take a moment to explain something that seems to be confusing a lot of people. For those of you that receive an email feed from my blog postings, be advised what you're receiving is exactly what I just described.... it is a feed from the blog. I do not physically/personally send those emails to all of you. When you receive an email from "The Stampers' Toy Store" it is because you entered your email address in the FeedBurner box in the sidebar of the blog and you opted to receive the email feed from these blogs posts. If you have recently changed your email address, you need to go through FeedBurner to make that change. It is not something that I have any control over.

It's been a popular misconception that I have a big list of everyone's email addresses and that I am the one sending the messages you receive. What you get is merely an update from the blog that I maintain for the store.

Thank you!

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