Monday, January 17, 2011

Copic Markers

Many of you know and love Copic markers and how fabulous they are for coloring stamped images, and getting beautiful results with shading and highlighting your images. And I know there are many that are very intimidated by the markers, too! However, did you realize that even without the learning curve with these markers... learning how to choose colors that blend well, learning how to blend, etc. they're just awesome for general purpose coloring, too? When you compare Copic markers to any water-based marker (Tombow, LePlume, etc.) they're incredible! Copic markers are alcohol-based, which means that when you color with them, the alcohol allows the ink to dry quickly and you eliminate those "lines" and inconsistencies you see when you color with other markers. Check out this sample...
This sweet Stampavie image was simply colored with Copics in solid colors... no color families for blending, no shading, etc. Just one color of pink for the dress, one color of brown for the hair, one color for skin, etc. (You can click on the picture for a close-up!) And because of the alcohol and quick-drying time, you can keep applying color without having your cardstock pill as it does with a water-based marker. And you just can't get color saturation and vibrancy like this with a Tombow marker!

PLUS, unlike other markers, Copic markers will last you forever because you can refill them with ink when they start to get dry. And you can replace the marker tips should they get worn out. (However, I personally have some markers that are over 3 years old and I have rarely had to replace a tip!) And we can refill your markers for you at the store for only 0.99 cents!

I challenge you to give them a try if you haven't before! Treat yourself to one marker in every rainbow color and see what you think! At only $4.29 each, they're a good buy for something that will last forever!

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Tammy, this is just darling.