Thursday, January 13, 2011

*NEW* from Northwoods

We have new stamps in stock from Northwoods Rubber Stamps! These are great images, and I hope you'll find something you love! (Prices are shown on each stamp... click on the pictures for a larger view.)

I could NOT resist this beautiful stamp! I can't wait to get it inky and add some color. I've been thinking maybe just a lavender watercolor wash over the flowers is all it needs. Keep that in mind... you don't always have to color an entire image.
It seems more and more often I'm asked for pet sympathy stamps, so I added these two to our stock.
I thought the sentiment on this was beautiful!
Hopefully Easter will get here quickly and we can be done with the snow!
This mother mallard leading her babies was just too cute to pass up. The sentiment stamp must be bought with it... they just naturally go together! LOL
What a heavenly scene... makes me long for summer!
Some more stamps for your Valentine card making!
And more beautiful Easter stamps! Who could resist those sweet bunnies?
Happy stamping!

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Anonymous said...

Whoa! Tammmy, what fun you will be sharing as group leader of the best Tuesday challenge around blogosphere! Your sharing sample entries have been so very fun to learn from in a technique study over the last year. When I spot your name credited, I know a second eyecandy stop is in order for great learning possibilities.
Tammy, please email me regarding availability of 'behind you all the way' and ducklings stamps. I like your choice! The sentiment is good for a young man who has chosen to attend Montana Youth Corps instead of let his anger issues from being young in a young single mom's rocus lifestyle and now as a teen finds himself too full of anger energy to get past sports in the classroom on social behavior issues. Pray for this young man as he has taken a faith stand in the recent past which 'D' is pushing to the max. mt23stamperatyahoodotcom is a great way to communicate. Thank you for your effort. In that communication tell me about any clear scripture stamps you may stock especially any vertical setup stamps for the right edge of a card which may be perforated as a pull off bookmark - recycling of a greeting card all in one mailing!
Thank you for this assist and congrats again on Tuesday leader at the most interesting blog challenge around!
Keep Looking UP!