Tuesday, February 22, 2011

*NEW* Copic Colors!

Some exciting new things are happening with Copic markers! First of all, 36 new colors have been added to the Ciao marker line! These are colors that were previously only available in Sketch markers, and are now available in the less-expensive Ciao-style marker, and we have them all available NOW at Toyrifix! Ciao markers retail for $4.29 each. The available colors are:

B000 E79
B18 G29
B28 G82
B99 R000
BG000 R14
BG13 R81
BG72 RV14
BV000 RV69
BV25 V01
C0 V05
C2 W0
E000 W2
E15 Y000
E18 Y35
E25 YG09
E40 YG17
E41 YR000
E59 YR15

There are limited numbers of each marker! If you'd like any to be put on hold, just call the store! We can hold for up to 5 days.

Secondly, 12 entirely new, never-seen-before colors have been added to the Copic line-up! These markers are not available in the Ciao-style marker, but I am ordering a limited number of sets of the 12 colors in Sketch markers. Retail price for the set is $77.99. If you would like to order the set of 12, please call the store or stop in by noon on Friday, February 25th. You must pre-pay for the order.

The new colors include:

V20 Wisteria
V25 Pale Blackberry
RV55 Hollyhock
RV63 Begonia
RV66 Raspberry
YR30 Macadamia nut
YG61 Pale Moss
BG53 Ice Mint
BG70 Ocean Mist
E23 Hazelnut
E81 Ivory
E87 Fig

Happy coloring!

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